The Wonderful World of Entertainment and Social Media

I’ll admit, I’m not a big social media person. I stick with skimming the news, browsing the internet, and hearing about the latest crazes from my friends. My contact with people consists primarily of texts and emails. I’m not addicted to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

But then I ran across Pinterest.

There are so many things to do, so many things to see! Crafts or recipes? It’s got everything. Hilarious quotes? Oh yeah. Celebrity funnies? No limits. Fangirl material? ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES! Pinterest has it all! Literally.

I signed up for an account last night. . .and I’ve spent at least five hours browsing through things. I’ve been fangirling all day on things from Lord Of The Rings to Star Wars to Avatar: The Last Airbender to Harry Potter. It’s brilliant! Well, it’s horrible, really. Just now, I have realized something and I really want to share it.

Media is a gift, it’s true. We have world news at our fingertips in an instant, can communicate smoothly with loved ones no matter how far away they are, can watch movies and shows that can brighten even our rainiest days. But media can also be distracting. We allow ourselves to be sucked in, even if for a little while, so we can get away from all that’s going on around us. Sometimes it’s nice to get away from all the crap. But sometimes we’re on so long that the internet and social media becomes our life while we neglect the real world. And real people.

I issue a warning: DON’T GET SUCKED INTO THE APPEALING WORLD OF SOCIAL MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT! It will distract you from doing anything and everything of importance. Now, hear me say this: social media and entertainment isn’t bad. Not at all.

But we sure abuse it.

So, limit your Facebook time, turn off the computer or TV, set aside the iPhone. Spend some time with family, call up your grandparents, get some exercise. Value the things that you have around you, such as parents, siblings, sunshine, a house, a bed, the opportunity for an education, food, rain, air conditioning, etc.. The list goes on and on; we have so much to be grateful for!

Time is fleeting. Life is too. Don’t waste it by remaining glued to your computer, TV, or iPhone screen. Don’t allow life to slip by you while you’re focused on things of little value.

God wants us to live life to the fullest – a life that revolves around Him and is lived to glorify Him and carry out His purposes. Don’t you want an abundant, fulfilling life? A life of little regret? A satisfying life? When we’re buried in entertainment and are completely distracted by it, we miss what He has planned for us. And a life lived strictly for yourself and your own interests is a pretty bleak one.

I urge you: set aside the wonderful world of entertainment and social media, and make time for the Lord. You won’t regret it!

I know I haven’t.





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