Happiness is defined as being satisfied and content. We as humans flesh the term out, and it becomes many different things to each and every one of us. Down time. Talking with family or friends. A cup of coffee. Cuddling up with a good book. Sleep. A moment of quiet.

It’s hard for many people to look at their lives and their circumstances, and say they’re content, that they’re satisfied. Life is rough. It’s full of hardships and crap and stress. That is a truth we can’t deny. And it becomes so easy for us to mope around and feel sorry for ourselves — to remain in an attitude of self-pity or pessimism.

So when you find yourself frowning or snapping at people or in a bad mood, stop and look at what you have in your life. What have you been blessed with? Loved ones? A home? Food? A job? Loyal friends? Talents? Air conditioning and heating? Passions? Dreams? There are millions of little things in our daily routines that make life worth living. Focus on the little things!

To me, happiness and contentment flow from my relationship with my savior, Jesus Christ. I have placed my hope and my trust in Him. I’ve been redeemed and set free from sin, and I have so much joy in knowing that I am not bound to my mistakes any longer. My past and my screw-ups don’t define me. I’ve been given a new heart and am free to live my life for the Lord. I am His child!

I am satisfied with my life and my circumstances because I live life seeking to glorify God, trusting that He is in control. God is faithful to me everyday, regardless of what I’m going through. He is always good, all the time — even if my circumstances are not.

That is happiness to me.

And now I ask you a rhetorical question: What makes you happy or gives you satisfaction?



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